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July 11, 2012



Thank you for this interesting, insightful and charitable (to all stakeholders) post. I hope it becomes widely read.

Anderson Jamessydney

To: Any reader who can/and may wish to help.
Greetings and thanks in advance.

I'm a "Liberal Episcopalian." (Also just a tad more orthodox than some perhaps.) I'm working overseas and was wondering if you could recommend a congregation to join that would allow for "fullish" participation. I want to become congregation member for matters both spiritual and pragmatic:

* Although there is plenty of good lit. to read on my own, I'd like to be grounded in a congregation in order to have a common frame of reference with fellow members regarding teachings, etc.
(I'd like to be able visit when I'm in the US as well.)

The "pragmatic" parts are below:

*I'd like to work toward confirmation. I think that I need an affiliation for that.

*I'm considering furthering my studies beyond confirmation as well, and having an affiliation is helpful.

I'm working in Zambia and have visited the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. I know and like Father Charlie the Dean. However, I'm not going to be in Lusaka, but will remain overseas for some time.

I guess that I'm just asking for you thoughts/suggestions.


Jim Anderson


This is a very revealing insight into the Episcopal Church.

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