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November 14, 2007


Bob in SW PA

This was very informative. I've played for the RC's many times over the last 20 years (I'm an organist).
I've often heard about our invalid orders even from my cousin who is a RC priest.

Personally, I'm glad our priest do more than just celebrate the mass. The Episcopal church welcomes questions and doesn't always give answers. Catholics know exactly what to believe and why without thinking.
I'm not ready to give up my brain yet. Also, my priest visits me and ask questions about whats going on in my life and if there is anything I need. Trust me, you don't get that in the RC Church (I work as a full time organist/director of music ministries for 16 years and could write a book).

God's Peace,
and thanks, I enjoyed the reading

Janine Bryant

I thought this was the most convincing take on apostolic succession I have encountered. Why are we always so worried about what Rome thinks of us? I think the Council of Trent is more protestant than Catholic in that it is preocupied with confessional definitions such as was Westminster, Scottland, etc. The Orthodox Church I believe has the right idea--and there is a lot of the East in Anglicanism---if we would just let it emerge.


Forget what the Council of Trent or "Apostolicae Curae" said or didn't say. So, why don't the Orthodox churches recognize the validity of Anglican ordinations?


My understanding is that most of them do, barring some questions about women's ordination which is actually not a deal breaker. Full communion, however, is a different story.



I have a question. Given that I was born into the Anglican Communion, the Eucharist is at the heart of my faith. I believe that every time I receive the Eucharist, I am in direct communion with Christ through the Apostolic Succession. I have accepted the Lay Eucharistic Ministers (somewhat reluctantly) as they are licensed by the Bishop and therefore a part of that succession. Recently, however, I was shocked when a 14 year old child was invited to serve the Cup on Easter. My priest is not open to discussion about this practice as others have attempted to discuss it with him. Can you please comment on this?

John Morris

To Fr. David:
You are misinformed. The Orthodox Church does not recognize Anglican orders. In every case in which an Anglican minister has converted to Orthodoxy, and there are many, they have been received as laymen. The reason is that Anglicanism lacks Apostolic doctrine. In fact, Anglicans lack a common doctrine among themselves. The study of Anglican history leaves no doubt that Anglicanism is Protestant to the core and that Anglo-Catholicism is merely a form of English Romanticism and little more. There is no commitment to doctrinal integrity within Anglicanism.
Fr. John W. Morris

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