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August 02, 2005


Jon Edwards

I see that the acknowledged expert on the real beginnings of pretrib dispensationalism has a new internet article ("Pretrib Rapture Diehards") proving that John Darby, who has long been credited with it, wasn't first but actually plagiarized others! It seems that the same historian went to Britain and located primary sources that had been known and quoted throughout the 1800's but then later forgotten or swept under the rug. A really different read! Many thanks for your excellent Anglican blog! Jon

Robbie Brown

The reference to a rapture is much older that 170 years. Jerome used the word "raptura" - latin for rapture in the Vulgate translated in the 4th or 5th century.

Jon Edwards

You're right, Robbie, the word "rapture" can be found before 1830. But before 1830 it always referred to a POST-TRIB rapture which was PART of the final Second Coming of Matt. 24. What was new in 1830 was a PRE-TRIB rapture that was totally disconnected from the final Second Coming. Jon Edwards


Doesn't matter. The "Rapture" is not a new invented theology. It can be found in scripture. The word rapture doesn't appear in the Bible because it's not an English word nor is it Greek which is what the New Testament was written in originally. It is an urban legend that the rapture theology was invented by a girl named Margaret McDonald or first told by Darby. Rapturo is the Latin word describing the event known as the Rapture. Trinity isn't in the Bible either. It's a descriptive word. Just like the word Bible, car or North Dakota isn't mentioned in the Bible. But we know those all exist and are very real.

Freedom Bound

The Bible also doesn't mention that the moon is made of green cheese.....ah, cos it isn't!!

Just cos Rapture isn't in Scripture doesn't mean it's true....

The present doctrine is , of course and as has been said already here, rather newly invented.


The pre-tribulation rapture was taught by Paul (under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit), and embraced by the early Church.
Those who claim that it was invented less than 200 years ago embarass themnselves with their own ignorance. Please study 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2. These suffering Christians had been falsely told that the Truibulation had already begun. Paul wrote to them to remind them that the Tribulation will not, and cannot begin until The Bride of Christ is removed out of the way first, making way for the rise of the antichrist. This teaching was corrupted by evil religion which sought to set up a thousand year kingdom on earth without Jesus. After the Reformation, Christians began to rediscover this early Church teaching about our Blessed Hope. At the Rapture Jesus will return in the air FOR His Bride. Afer the Tribulation, He will return to the earth WITH His Bride. As Christians we must suffer tribulation, but we have no part in THE Tribulation. That is for another purpose..
In His Love


[Just saw this shocking claim on the web!:]

John Nelson Darby is not the 'father of dispensationalism' (the favorite feature of which is an imminent pretrib rapture)!...Incredibly, Darby wasn't first or original with any aspect of the same system including this bedrock known today as the church/Israel dichotomy!...Darby's own words at the time prove that he was posttrib from 1827 through 1838 and that he had no clear pretrib teaching before 1839 - nine years after Irving and his group had begun the clear teaching of it [in 1830]....After Darby's death in 1882, one of his influential disciples wrote and published a series of articles in his own journal supposedly detailing the history of the Irvingites as well as that of his own group, the Darbyist Brethren. His aim was to give Darby lasting fame. He accomplished this by furtively adding, subtracting, and changing many words in the earliest, hard-to-locate "rapture" documents - Irvingite as well as Brethren - thus giving the false impression that Irving and his followers had not been first to teach pretrib dispensationalism. By dishonestly covering up and eliminating the Irvingites who truly had been the first in everything, he was able to deceitfully and wrongfully elevate Darby as the "father of pretrib rapture dispensationalism"!

[To see all of this explosive article, which names all the names and dates in this long-covered-up fraud, Google "John Darby Did Not Invent the Rapture - by Dave MacPherson (March 19, 2015)"]

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